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Spring Cleaning Shredding Event

Spring Cleaning Shredding Event

| March 28, 2019


Spring Cleaning Shredding Event

Wednesday May 1st, 2019



We are happy to announce that we will be partnering with Device Pitstop again to help recycle old devices. 

Please see their Device Drive pdf for more details. Please bring any documents that you wish to shred as well as devices that you wish to recycle.

While you are here, you are invited to tour the office and enjoy some light snacks and beverages.

Be sure to invite your coworkers, friends, and family!


How do I know which documents I should keep and which documents I should shred?


Investment Statements: Keep all records related to your original investment and annual statements.

You may want to shred old quarterly statements.


Bank Statements: Keep at least seven years of statements to cover any IRS audit or nursing home look-back period. Others can be shredded.


Credit Card Statements: Keep the most recent statement and any statement that details a tax-related purchase up to seven years. Others can be shredded.


Federal and State Tax Return: Keep seven years to be safe. Tax records relating to real property should be kept as long as you own the asset

(and for at least seven years after you sell, exchange or liquidate it.)


Utility Bills: Check last month’s statement against this month’s, then shred last month’s bill.


Warranties: You only need them until they expire. Then shred them.


Please RSVP YES or NO to Diane Edwards at 763-416-8222 or no later than

Friday, April 26th.  We hope you and a guest are able to come and meet the team! 

We look forward to seeing you!