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Holewa Divorce Services

Holewa Divorce Services Background

With more than 20 years financial planning experience, Holewa Divorce Services brings a depth of knowledge to your divorce situation. Amy R. Holewa, CFP®, CDFA™ has also completed an extensive study to earn her the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® designation.

About Amy R. Holewa, CFP®, CDFA™

Amy Holewa brings 20 years of financial services expertise and guidance to her clients. As a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, she focuses on ensuring her clients understand any complexities to their unique financial situations while carefully considering all options during divorce proceedings. For those unsure of their financial position or unaware of what the future may hold, Amy works closely with them to develop an outline and objectives that align with their goals.

Amy’s favorite part of collaborating with clients includes working through the complexity of individual cases to ensure tax consequences are considered and other pitfalls are avoided. Through an initial consultation and careful consideration of account division and monetary goals, Amy focuses on helping clients develop solutions that further the divorce agreement process. In addition, Amy has experience working with attorneys to investigate and discover necessary financial information.

For those individuals going through a divorce, it is important to understand the whole financial picture when determining your future. It is important for people to work with a Certified Financial Planner, someone that has a good understanding of various accounts and situations that can help clients identify solutions and avoid making costly tax mistakes. Partnering with a financial professional can help clients be organized through a challenging and difficult situation.

A Note From Amy R. Holewa, CFP®, CDFA™

“I am here to support the client through the entire process. From organizing the financial information for the initial attorney meeting to reviewing the impact of possible settlement options to walking clients through the steps to split the accounts once the divorce is finalized. In addition, I assist my clients by helping them develop and implement a financial plan for their post-divorce life. By forming this partnership, my clients know that I will be with them from start to finish—something that can make a significant financial impact for the long-term.”

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